About Us

We have all trained with recognised organisations, such as Bangor, Oxford, London Meditation and the Mindfulness in Schools Project.

Our personal mindfulness experience ranges from seven years to over twenty five. We’ve come to mindfulness training from a range of backgrounds: education, mental health and the corporate sector and therefore we’re able to deliver training in a range of contexts: the general public, schools, NHS and the corporate sector.

What Is Mindfulness?

We can think of mindfulness as paying attention to whatever we are experiencing, and without reacting to or judging what we find.

By doing this, we may be surprised at just how much detail and texture there is to each moment, no matter how ‘mundane.’ We also discover that there is a more resourceful, effective way to deal with life’s ups and downs.

Courses and Classes

17th Feb 20208 week course:
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Quaker Meeting Hall5
TuesdaysDrop in Yoga and MindfulnessQuaker Meeting HallYes
WednesdaysDrop in Yoga and MindfulnessQuaker Meeting HallYes

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